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The SSCC is an

What is a SSCC-18 barcode?

The Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) is an , and can also be encoded in an RFID tag. It is used in electronic commerce transactions.

How do I generate an SSCC-18 barcode?

Creating a SSCC-18 barcode
Prefix: 1 digit, free use. Can be used to expand the serial number.
The GS1 company prefix: 7 to 10 digits.
The serial number: 6 to 9 digits, depending on the length of the GS1 company prefix.
Check digit: Modulo-10 check digit, 1 digit.

What is an SSCC barcode used for?

Serial Shipping Container Code can be used by companies to identify a logistic unit, which can be any combination of trade items packaged together for storage and/ or transport purposes; for example a case, pallet or parcel.

How do you read an 18-digit barcode?

It is always 18 digits long:
The first two numbers are the Application Identifier of the EAN-128: (00). You cannot change them. .
The first digit of the data field is the extension digit. .
The next 7 digits is the company prefix.
The following 9 digits are the serial reference number.
The last digit is the check digit.

Is GS1-128 the same as SSCC-18?

All these terms describe the same on all pallet shipments.

How to calculate SSCC-18 check digit?

Check Digit Calculation

Here are the steps to calculate SSCC-18 check digits: €¢ From the right to left, start with odd position, assign the odd/even position to each digit. Sum all digits in odd position and multiply the result by 3. Sum all digits in even position. Sum the results of step 3 and step 4.

Can I generate my own barcode?

You can get barcode scanners on Amazon or another specialized online store for under $50. Most barcode generators are free. In fact, you can use the Barcode Font in Microsoft Word to generate your own barcodes. Therefore, with less than $100, you can create a system set to make your own barcodes.

How do I get a government barcode?

Documents For Barcode Registration
Letter requesting alloent of barcode.
PAN card of the entity.
Copy of audited balance sheet.
GST/VAT registration certificate.
Certificate of incorporation/partnership deed.
Memorandum of Association/Articles of Association.
Copy of cancelled cheque.

Can we generate barcode for free?

A barcode generator is a free and easy-to-use way to create barcodes for the items in your inventory.


In order to decode a barcode, a specific device is required. This device will usually be a barcode scanner, although other devices like RFID sensors or even the camera of a smartphone can be used to decode a barcode. When decoding with a barcode reader, the barcode is hit by a red light coming from the barcode reader.

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