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What does ltl mean in trucks?


What is the difference between LTL and FTL freight?

LTL shipments are smaller shipments that typically range from 100 to 000 pounds. These small shipments will not fill a full truck, leaving room for other smaller shipments. On the other hand, FTL shipments fill most of a full load and tend to be much larger, often weighing 000 pounds or more. 1

What do FTL and LTL mean in trucks?

Two types of shipping meet these needs: LTL and FTL shipping. 1

How many pallets are considered LTL?

What is LTL? Less Than Truckload, commonly referred to as LTL, is a mode of surface transportation that, like a full truckload, uses semi-trailers, but hauls cargo from multiple carriers on the same trailer. Ideal for shipments of 1 to 6 pallets (or less than 12 linear feet). tember

What is a TL or FTL full truck?

Full Truck (TL/FTL) This term refers to a large cargo load that fills a full truck trailer up to 50 feet long. TL is the shipping method of choice if you have a ton of freight or weigh over 1000 lbs. Other than that, you can choose TL to have your own private trailer.

What is the maximum weight for LTL?

Standard LTL is used for shipments that do not take up all the cargo space of a truck. Generally speaking, LTL is for shipments weighing more than 150 pounds. but less than 1000 pounds, no more than 10 pallets and no more than 12 linear feet.

Is FedEx Freight LTL or FTL?

FedEx Freight is the first and only domestic LTL carrier to offer paperless domestic shipping.

Who is the best LTL carrier?

FedEx Freight Major Less-Core Carriers Rank Company Revenue (000) Rank 1 FedEx Freight Company 21000 2 Yellow Corp. Company 51700 3 XPO Logistics Company 450,000 4 Old Dominion Freight Line Company 013129 lines

What is the size of the LTL load?

LTL, also known as LTL (LTL), is a shipping service for relatively small loads or quantities of freight, between 150 and 1000 pounds.

How many pallets are considered FTL?

A full truck load (FTL) shipment can contain up to 26 standard full pallets (more for smaller pallets).


Although LTL rates are cheaper than full truckload rates for small shipments, the cost savings a company will realize between LTL and full truckload will largely depend on the frequency and volume of shipments.

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