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Each package contains 12 tortillas, 6 inch diameter size tortillas.

Why is there no more El Milagro tortillas?

El Milagro claimed that it was simply trying to make up for a national tortilla shortage caused by supply chain issues, but the organizers say that the shortage was because of a lack of labor: many employees quit during the pandemic after COVID-19 infected 85 workers” leading to a shutdown of the Little Village plant .

Did El Milagro go out of business?

El Milagro told Univison in Chicago that the company is facing the same issues as other major companies during the pandemic. They added that they will continue production. An official statement has yet to be released. Some customers on social media believe the shortage may be due to a lack of employees.

Is there a shortage of Milagro tortillas?

A headache rack (pictured above) goes across the back of the cab. Its main purpose is to protect the passengers in the cab from cargo in the bed. If youre carrying a lot of cargo and make a sudden stop, that cargo could potentially fly through the rear cab window and injure a passenger.

Can you order El Milagro tortillas online?

Buy your favorite El Milagro Tortillas online with Instacart.

Why do Mexican restaurants give you two tortillas?

âLots of Mexico City street vendors serve their tacos on two tortillas, or theyll ask if clients want one or two, in case theyre watching their waistlines. Particularly with a liquidy filling like a guisado, the first tortilla breaks, so the second one serves as backup.

Who is the owner of El Milagro?

Raul Lopezs
Lopez brought the tiny house-grown tortilla operation of El Milagro to its current dominant role in the Midwest Market. The key to El Milagros success is Raul Lopezs love & commient to tradition & quality; those of us who carry on his legacy at El Milagro continue to uphold his values every day.

Why are El Milagro tortillas so good?

Quality is a word that is not used lightly at El Milagro. From the beginning, we have always made the best tortillas that we know how. Our corn tortillas start with whole-kernel corn that is carefully selected and ground in our plant – we never use pre-processed corn flour.

Why are the workers rallying against El Milagro tortilla plant?

Workers, community members and labor organization Arise Chicago organized a Sept. 30 rally at the companys 26th Street headquarters to speak out about a lack of COVID protections, unfair wages and sexual harassment at the companys Chicago plants. Workers also say the company is ramping up intimidation.

Why is Milagro on strike?

Seven months after workers at El Milagros tortilla manufacturing facilities temporarily walked off the job in protest of low pay and harsh working conditions, the employees say some workplace improvements have been made.


The word Milagro in Spanish meansœmiracle orœsurprise and people in the past and present use them as symbols to wish others good luck, good health, and hope for the future. Initially, Milagros were made to order by the towns silversmith.

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