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Course programme
Understanding your customer, and customer profiles.
Conversion rate.
Approach, windows, threshold, orientation, browsing and conversion.
Understanding and increasing Average Transaction Values.
Service and selling.
Fundamentals of Visual Merchandising.

What is shop floor warehouse?

Shop floor warehouses are a special kind of warehouse that store and control the materials needed for production. An shop floor warehouse is linked to a work center by which materials needed for operations can be pulled from inventory in the shop floor warehouse linked to that operation such as a location on the line.

What is a shop floor called?

The shop floor is the production area, such as in a factory or another working space and is the floor where workers produce goods. The term shop floor refers to the area of a factory where production takes place. The shop floor excludes the area used or designated for administrative activities.

What is shop floor applications?

Shop Floor Control (SFC) is a set of software and tools used to track, schedule and report on the progress of work in a manufacturing plant.

What do you mean by a shop floor and shop floor engineer?

The Job role involves working with heavy machinery on the shop floor, which are computer controlled or mechanically based to set up, maintain, operate and produce high-quality products in a safe environment.

What does a shop floor worker do?

These are the typical duties of a Shop Assistant: Serving customers and processing retail sales. Assisting customers. Processing customer payments and customer refunds, including cash and card payments.

Which are the 3 types of warehouses?

Generally, there are 7 major types of warehouses:
Distribution centre.
Public warehouse.
Private warehouse.
Bonded warehouse.
Climate-controlled warehouse.
Smart warehouse.
Consolidated warehouse.

What is the best floor for a shop?

Vinyl flooring“ the best flooring for your retail store
Perfect for a quick renovation. .
Resistant and flexible. .
Durability and resistance. .
Emulates natural wood. .
Economic. .
Natural beauty at your feet. .
The resistance of natural stone. .
Easy to clean and maintain.

What are the four types of floors?

Types of Flooring
Types of Hardwood Flooring.
Types of Laminate Flooring.
Types of Vinyl Flooring.
Types of Tile Flooring.
Other Types of Flooring.

What are the three types of floors?

Following are some of the major types of floors:
Mud Floor: Earthen Flooring also commonly known as Adobe flooring is made up of dirt, raw earth or other unworked ground materials. .
Brick floor: Brick flooring is one of the types of floors whose topping is of brick. .
Tile floor: .
Flagstone floor: .
Cement concrete floor:


6 qualities of a successful Production Supervisor
Good communication skills. .
Confident decision making. .
Ability to act quickly. .
Effective planning. .
An eye for detail. .
Ability to take ownership.

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