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How much does it cost to cross the Interislander with a car?

Prices and conditions Adult $42.00 – $95.00 Child (16 and under) $23.00 – $46.00

Do I need to be vaccinated to go to the Interislander?

From ember 1 all passengers aged 12 and over traveling on the KiwiRail Interislander will be required to present proof of double vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test taken within the previous 72 hours. ember 2

Is the Interislander ferry still in operation?

We currently operate three ferries, Kaiarahi, Kaitaki and the Aratere, which crosses the strait a total of 000 times a year.

Are Interislander or Bluebridge cheaper?

Aside from air travel, the most popular way to travel between the islands is via the Cook Strait Ferry – the Cook Strait is the body of water between the North Island and the South Island. Cook Strait Ferries run between the city of Wellington on the North Island and the city of Picton on the South Island.

How long is the ferry trip between the islands?

It should be noted that Bluebridge ferries are generally much smaller than Interislander. What is that? To help you make your ision on which ferry company to choose, Ive listed the advantages of each below: Bluebridge: Generally cheaper prices, more cabins on board if you want a private space. ust 1

Is wearing a mask compulsory on the Interislander ferry?

approximately 3.5 hours The Interislander ferry from Picton to Wellington takes approximately 3.5 hours.

Why isnt he sailing?

You are no longer required to wear face masks on board our ferries or in terminals. Its up to you. The safety of our passengers and crew is very important to us and if you always want to wear a mask on board, that is fine with us too.

Does Interislander have WIFI?

KiwiRail executive managing director Walter Rushbrook said there was a problem with the Arateres engine ventilation system. We are working to make repairs as quickly as possible, but the system is difficult to access. ust 2

Why are Cook Strait ferries booked?

Things to do on the Inter-Island Ferry Whether you like movies, relaxation, breathtaking scenery, free Wi-Fi or coloring contests, each of our three ships has batteries to keep you busy. ember 1


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