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Loads on the RCC Slab. Self-weight= concrete unit weight * Volume of concrete. = 24 * 0.1= 2.4 KN/m2 .
Loads on the Beam. Self-weight= concrete unit weight* beam width*beam height. =24 * 0.28*0.25= 1.68 KN/m. .
Compute Applied Moment. Assume partial fixity of columns. .
Geometry of the Original Section.

How far can a 2×10 beam span without support?

A 2—10 beam made up of two 2x10s nailed together can span up to 11 without support beneath a deck that is 4 wide. For a more normal-sized deck, the same beam can span 8, supporting a deck that is 8 wide. You can also triple a 2—10 beam.

How far can a 2×12 beam span without support?

A 2—12 with an E of 800,000 psi and Fb of 790 psi also works, since it can span 15 feet and 10 inches. Given a design span of 15 feet 1 inch and a 16 inch joist spacing, first determine which size lumber will work.

How much load can 6×12 beam support?

If the 6 x 12 is a Select Structural, then it will support 10,300 lbs. and deflect about 1/4.

How much weight will a 4 inch I beam hold?

When used with Jervis Webb trolley # 10711, this S34 x 7.7# beam can support a weight of 1,500 pounds when supported at 8 foot centers. When using longer spans, be sure to support the beam or track at closer centers or reduce the load. These beams can be clamped or welded in place as required.

How far can a 2×8 beam span without support?

A rule of thumb is 1.5 times a joists depth but in feet when spaced at 16 centers. In general, a 2—8 will span 1.5 x 8, so . What is this?

What is the maximum not typically allowed in a beam?

At normal design working loads, beams are typically designed to accommodate vertical deflections that do not exceed 1/180 (or 0.55 percent) of the horizontal beam length as measured with respect to the ends of the beams.

How much weight can a double 2×12 beam hold?

Depending on the species and grade, each 2×12 will support about 120 lbs. per linear foot (plf) or both will support 120 plf x 2 = 240 plf. If its a single load (point load) then its about 2200 lbs. at the center of the span, or for 2, its 2200 x 2 = 4400 lbs.

Can a 2×10 span 16 feet?

A 2—12 () up to 11 feet 4 inches at 16 spaced by using southern yellow pine graded as #1 when live load of 30 lbs/ft^2 & dead load of 10 lbs/ ft^2.

What size LVL beam do I need for a 16 foot span?

What size lvl beam for a 16 foot span:- as per general thumb rule, for a 16 foot span, size of LVL beam or GLULAM should be 7 to 8 inches deep and 3 inches wide, thus you need something like a 7-8 GLULAM or LVL to span upto 16 feet and can use simple 2—10 dimensional lumber at 16 apart from centre as floor joists .


Dimensional Lumber Deck Beam Span Chart
Joist Spans
Douglas Fir-Larch, Hem-Fir, Spruce-Pine-Fir, Redwood, Cedars, Ponderosa Pine, Red Pine 4X6 6-2
4X8 8-2
4X10 9-8
4X12 11-2
17 more rows

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