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First Mile Delivery


Four separate factors contribute to achieving a perfect order: The delivery must arrive complete, on time, undamaged, and with proper documentation. organization; place an order in a timely manner; have the product available when they choose, at the price offered; have it delivered when they want it, without damage.

What does the first mile mean?

In eCommerce, the first mile refers to the processes involved in taking a product from the e-retailer or warehouse, to a middle mile location. For instance, transferring the product from the retailers warehouse to a store or local fulfillment center. It is the first step in order fulfillment.

What is the difference between first mile and last-mile delivery?

First-mile delivery determines the flow of the delivery process, and a minor disruption can collapse the entire fulfilment operation. On the other hand, last-mile delivery is the final step of the delivery process, which includes the delivery of the products directly to the consumer from the fulfilment centre.

Why first mile delivery is important?

First-mile delivery is important as it provides accurate information of the package for later delivery processes, helps in keeping the supply chain and inventory organized and packaging shipments properly. It ensures that the middle mile delivery and last-mile delivery is smooth and efficient.

What is first mile Amazon?

First-mile delivery is the process of transporting products from the retailer to the courier company. It is the method through which the products are delivered to the final buyer.

How does first mile work?

A first-mile sorting centre is a warehouse, distribution facility, or fulfilment centre. Its the place where goods arrive once theyve been manufactured, and theyll usually be stored there until theyre purchased by a customer.

How can I improve my first mile delivery?

Improving first mile delivery tracking

Automating packaging and labeling makes the process much faster. It also reduces the margin of error. Digital solutions allow companies to track products throughout the delivery process (see how ePOD works).

What is first mile delivery logistics?

First mile delivery refers to the first stage of the transportation. This is when the parcel leaves the sellers warehouse and is taken by the courier pick up agent to process it or take it to the warehouse.

Why is last mile delivery hard?

Last-mile delivery is considered difficult because it requires the integration of advanced technologies, the right strategies, and a professional workforce to manage the requirements and demands of last-mile operations.

What are KPI in last mile delivery?

This KPI is the ratio of the total number of claims received by a business to the total number of shipments sent. Measuring damage claims helps businesses ensure that no losses are incurred due to package loss or damaged products and business credibility is maintained for the customers.


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