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Types of KPIs

Quantitative indicators that can be presented with a number. Qualitative indicators that cant be presented as a number. Leading indicators that can predict the outcome of a process.

What KPIs should be used at the distribution center?

Popular inventory KPIs include inventory accuracy, shrinkage, carrying cost of inventory, inventory turer, and inventory to sales ratio.

What are the 5 key performance indicators?

What Are the 5 Key Performance Indicators?
Revenue growth.
Revenue per client.
Profit gin.
Client retention rate.
Customer satisfaction.

What are the 4 main KPIs?

Anyway, the four KPIs that always come out of these workshops are:
Customer Satisfaction,
Internal Process Quality,
Employee Satisfaction, and.
Financial Performance Index.

What are the top 3 KPIs you typically track for warehouse fulfillment operations?

Here are some warehouse KPIs relevant to distribution:
Order Lead Time: The average time taken by an order to reach the customer once the order has been placed. .
Perfect Order Rate: Number of orders the warehouse delivered without error. .
Back Order Rate:

What are the 7 key performance indicators?

Weve defined seven key critical performance indicators to help you go about measuring performance in your team.
Engagement. How happy and engaged is the employee? .
Energy. .
Influence. .
Quality. .
People skills. .
Technical ability. .

What are 6 KPIs?

Here are six such key performance indicators that will ensure success in managing your project portfolio.
Customer satisfaction. Our service at the end of the day is to serve our customers and clients. .
Productivity. .
Cost efficiency. .
Time. .
Return on invesent (ROI) .
Alignment with goals of the organization.

What are 9 KPIs?

Here are 9 KPIs that you can measure to better identify the financial health of your business.
Firstly, here are some KPIs a company owner will want to use to measure the overall financial health of the business.
Net profit. .
Net profit gin. .
Free cash flow. .
The cash conversion cycle. .
Quick ratio. .
Gross gin ratio.

What are good KPI examples?

Below are the 15 key management KPI examples:
Customer Acquisition Cost. Customer Lifetime Value. Customer Satisfaction Score. Sales Target % (Actual/Forecast) .
Revenue per FTE. Revenue per Customer. Operating gin. Gross gin. .
ROA (Return on Assets) Current Ratio (Assets/Liabilities) Debt to Equity Ratio. Working Capital.

What are the 10 characteristics of good KPI?

KPI 101
Relevant. Indicators should be relevant to the organization. .
Clear definition. A performance indicator should have a clear and intelligible definition in order to ensure consistent collection and fair comparison. .
Easy to understand and use. .
Comparable. .
Verifiable. .
Cost effective. .
Attributable. .


5 Reports Every Warehouse Manager Should be Using
#1 History By Supplier Report. .
#2 Vendor/Supplier Report. .
#3 Inventory On Hand Report. .
#4 Empty Bin Report. .
#5 Expense Control Report. .
Warehouse Management with DEAR Systems.

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