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For instance, the new fork may be stiffer than the old fork. A stiffer fork can bring a more positive feel to the steering, which can, in part, make up for the new, shallower (and thus slightly slower-handling) head angle.
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What is the standard forklift fork width?

One of the most common forklift fork sizes is 1 1/2 x 4 x 42 Common fork thicknesses include 1 3/4, 2, and 2 1/2 Common fork widths include 5 and 6 A standard forklift fork length is 42 inches, with

How far apart should forks be spaced?

For handling pallets, ideally your forks should be spaced equally apart center to the carriage/backrest, around 10 inches out from each side. But really there is no exact measurement; the best rule is to space them just a bit less from as wide as you can have them for the pallets/loads you will be handling.

Why must fork spacing be set?

The forks should be positioned so that the load is evenly distributed. Other types of load, for example a metal stillage, may have the forks set wider as there is enough strength in the bottom to prevent damage.

What is the standard fork size?

The dinner fork measures about 7 inches in length. It is used to eat the main course at all formal and informal meals.

What is the minimum aisle width for a forklift?

Most reach truck forklifts are single-reach. That is, they are only able to reach a single pallet deep into racking. These types of reach trucks typically require a minimum aisle width of

How do you measure fork for a forklift?

After Measuring The Size From Top To Bottom, Next You Have To Measure The Following Dimensions.
Measure from the front of the fork to the tip to determine the length.
Measure from side to side to determine the width.
Measure the thickness of the forklifts back side.

What is an air gap for forks?

Oil level/airgap: the gap that remains over the top of the damping oil in the forks, typically a 100mm travel fork will have a 120mm, or thereabouts, airgap. As the fork compresses the air is forced into a smaller space.

What is proper fork etiquette?

A headache rack (pictured above) goes across the back of the cab. Its main purpose is to protect the passengers in the cab from cargo in the bed. If youre carrying a lot of cargo and make a sudden stop, that cargo could potentially fly through the rear cab window and injure a passenger.

How do I measure my fork offset?

Simply put, its the distance between the forks steering axis (i.e., the centerline of the steerer tube) and the center of the dropouts, measured perpendicular to the steering axis. Since its measured perpendicular to the steering axis, offset is a property of a fork, independent of the bike its mounted to.


Fork steerer diameter: There are just three fork steerer sizes to contend with: 1in/25.4mm, 11⁄8in/28.6mm, and 11⁄4in/31.8mm, which are usually (but not always) matched to a head tube with an internal diameter of 30mm, 34mm, and 37mm, respectively.

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