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best company to ship fragile items


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Does UPS pack fragile items for shipment?

Whether its fragile, high-value items like artwork or electronics, or large or odd-shaped items like golf clubs or sports equipment, well be happy to help. package your shipment so that everything arrives in one piece. In fact, we guarantee it as part of our Pack & Ship Guarantee.

Whats the best way to ship something fragile?

Shipping Fragile Items: A Step-by-Step Guide Choose a box that is only slightly larger than the item. . Wrap the item in cushioning material. . If necessary, cover the item with foam. . Use air cushions or packing peanuts. . Add a fragile label to the box. . Attach a tilt or impact sensor. ruary

Does UPS charge more for fragile products?

Shipping Fragile Items with UPS UPS does not charge additional fees for handling fragile items. If your e-commerce business ships a lot of products that need extra protection, your fulfillment warehouse can help you safely pack and ship fragile items with UPS. ember

How can I send fragile items cheaply?

And we even added the cheapest and safest option: Roadie! Step-by-step guide to shipping fragile items. Pack your belongings in bubble wrap. . Take a packing box, if necessary. Simply put, packing your stuff in a box adds another layer of protection. . Protect your shipment. . Hand delivery means no box required.

Are UPS or FedEx better for fragile items?

While USPS and FedEx leave it up to you to properly package your fragile items, UPS specifically offers fragile packaging services. Their workers are trained in packing techniques such as locking and clamping, double boxing, and hanging, and will pack your fragile items properly so you dont have to.

How much does the USPS charge for fragile products?

The post office provides a red label that says fragile special handling and is sent arately from regular mail. Simply writing fragile or affixing an orange fragile label (free on will not charge you extra, but the package will not receive special treaent.

Does FedEx charge extra for fragile items?

FedEx offers packing and shipping services for any customer who prefers to let FedEx handle fragile products for them for an additional fee. Below is a screenshot of the packaging and shipping service prices. As we can see, it costs $13.49 for fragile packaging plus special handling with FedEx parcel and shipping services.

Is UPS more careful than USPS?

After analyzing the numbers, the magazine concluded that the USPS had the sweetest touch. While FedEx and UPS averaged three and two big drops per trip, respectively, or the number of acceleration peaks exceeding 6g per trip, USPS averaged 0.5 drops. ember 2

Can you write fragile on a FedEx package?

Always check the Fragile box. Properly place the shipping label on the largest surface of the package; this will increase your chances of getting the preferred orientation.


USPS ® created the Precautionary Heavy and Special Handling — Fragile labels to ensure that mail items bearing either label are arated from the mail stream and receive special treaent during shipping, processing and posting. transportation. The 035CH label, Caution Heavy, is a visual alert for packages weighing 35 lbs. and more.ust

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