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Gravity Flow Racking is a storage system that relies on gravity flow to load, organize, and retrieve stored cartons or pallets within a warehouse. Maximizing space and efficiency, gravity flow racks will save your business money, improve your productivity, and increase safety for your employees.

What is radio shuttle racking?

In Shuttle racking system, a battery powered, radio controlled shuttle is used to deposit and retrieve pallets. These shuttles run on specially designed rails and the pallets are stored one behind another giving very dense storage without the forklifts entering the aisles.

What does shuttle mean in logistics?

A warehouse shuttle system is a mobile cart that €œshuttles (i.e., transports) items in automated pallet racking. Its used to store and retrieve stock totes, trays or cases in storage buffer. These shuttle systems are invaluable in warehouses that use goods-to-picker methodology and have high-density racking.

What is mobile racking system?

The Mobile Racking System is a system where racks are built on a mobile base and guided by rails on the floor. Driven by an electrical motor, the mobile base move along the rails to open one or more access aisle.

What is satellite racking?

A recent entrant into the pallet storage market is Satellite Racking which is quite similar to drive-in racking. Satellite technology is a fully automated rack entry vehicle used in Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems to store and retrieve pallet and pallet less loads.

What is the shuttle system?

Solution : A special electron carrier system located in the mitochondrial membrane is called shuttle system. It transfers electrons from the hydrogens of cytoplasmic NADH to the mitochondrial electron carriers across the mitochondrial membrane.

What are the three types of racks?

Back to Basics: 4 Common Types of Racking & Their Benefits
Selective Racking. The simplest of all racking systems, selective racking permits only one-unit-deep pallet loads to be stored side-by-side. .
Drive-in Rack. .
Carton flow Rack. .
Mobile Rack or Mobile Sliding Rack.

What are the two types of shuttles?

The two main systems in humans are the glycerol phosphate shuttle and the malate-aspartate shuttle. The malate/a-ketoglutarate antiporter functions move electrons while the aspartate/glutamate antiporter moves amino groups.

Why is it called a shuttle?

The name for a loom weaving instrument, recorded from 1338, is from a sense of being shot across the threads. The back-and-forth imagery inspired the extension to passenger trains in 1895, aircraft in 1942, and spacecraft in 1969, as well as older terms such as shuttlecock.

What is the main function of shuttle?

shuttle, In the weaving of cloth, a spindle-shaped device used to carry the crosswise threads (weft) through the lengthwise threads (warp). Not all modern looms use a shuttle; shuttleless looms draw the weft from a nonmoving supply.


While shelving is laid out in single sections, racking systems are constructed in several bays to support heavier loads. Due to the increased need for stability, most racking systems anchor to the ground. Pallet racking shelves tend to utilize wire mesh decking for the shelves.

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