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There are basically four types of lead time: customer lead time, material lead time, factory/production lead time, and cumulative lead time.

Whats lead time means?

Lead time describes the amount of time it takes to complete a specific process. In business, lead time is often used to describe the amount of time it takes to process an order, manufacture a product, delivery a good, or a combination of these processes.

What does 2 day lead time mean?

A lead time refers to the time it takes from when a purchase order is created for a supplier… until the goods are delivered from that supplier to the customer (this can be an individual or a store).

What is lead time in a project?

Lead time is the time between when a project commences and when your team completes it. The term is used in almost every industry, however, for project management, lead time carries additional significance.

What is another word for lead time?

Beginnings, starts and early stages. beginning. start. introduction.

What is lead time for payment?

The period it takes a supplier to satisfy a customer order is called lead time. The period it takes a customer to pay a supplier for product is called payment term.

What is lead time on an order?

Lead time for ordering measures how long it takes for a vendor or retailer to fulfill customer orders. In other words, order lead time is the number of days from when an order is placed until fulfillment is finalized and delivery is complete.

Is lead time the same as delivery?

Is lead time the same as delivery time? The two terms are often used interchangeably.œLead time, however, is a more general term. It refers to the time between the initiation and completion of a business process” pretty much any business process.

Is lead time before shipping?

Lead time in shipping and manufacturing lead time both mean the amount of time from the customer placing the order until the product is ready to ship. Delivery lead time the time it takes from when a product is complete until its delivered to the customer.

What does 24 hour lead time mean?

Simply put, this is the time between when you order your doors/windows and when they are successfully delivered.]


What is another word for start time?
zero hour crunch
contingency countdown
critical moment crossroad
crucial moment crunch time
crux D-day
214 more rows

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