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A Lift Trucks Fulcrum Is


Is the fulcrum point on a forklift?

The point of balance on a forklift is called the fulcrum. The fulcrum is where a vertical line drawn through the centre of the front axle would meet the ground. An easy way to remember this is the fulcrum is where the front wheels touch the ground.

Where is the fulcrum point located?

The center is the fulcrum point as it is where the load and load sides meet.

What is a lift trucks load center?

The load centre represents the tipping point for a forklift truck. Essentially, a load centre is the middle of a forklift load, when measured front to back. This is calculated by measuring whatever it is you need to lift, then dividing by two (assuming an even load).

Is a forklift a lever?

A forklift typically has two levers: one to control the height of the forks and another to control their tilts. To understand how to properly use forklift control levers, it is paramount for a lift operator to complete an OSHA training program.


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